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The Post Racing 500 Words Competition

We now have a dedicated website for this initiative and if you have kids or grandkids aged between 5-13, please give them a pen and a piece of paper and get them to start constructing their story. On the new website at you’ll find the rules, how to enter, hints, …

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Cheltenham Special Review – Day 4

It could have been stunning….it should have been stunning! On the Wednesday of the 2018 Festival, Post Racing members took over £250,000 off the layers and had the first four advices won on this day, they’d have done the same, or better. If only life was like that! TRIUMPH HURDLE …

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Cheltenham Special Review – Day 3

At least one day out of the four can be described as “tricky” and the Wednesday this week was that day. I didn’t actually think that finding the winners this day was difficult….it’s just that I didn’t find them all. Day 4 was brilliant though….that review will follow tomorrow 😉 …

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The 500 Word Writing Competition

Have you got kids aged between 5 and 13 with a creative mind?   Are they driving you nuts right now? Are you driving them nuts right now?!   Post Racing is running a writing competition for 5-9 year olds and 10-13 year olds.   PLEASE SHARE THIS!!    THE …

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Cheltenham Review – Day 2

A profit from Day 1 and Wednesday is traditionally good to us. I made a profit from three of the four races I played on Day 2 and I’ll always take that. BALLYMORE NOVICES’ HURDLE We nailed the 8/1 winner in the dutch last year but I doubt very much …

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Cheltenham Special Review – Day 1

I had a profitable Cheltenham Festival working with both Profiling and Ratings. Of the 28 races I bet on 19 and secured profit from 12. The first day was very good but had I opted to advise RAVENHILL as “the one”, as I should have done, I’d have been turning …

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NH Season stats summary year by year

What follows below is a season by season summary of various stats for NH seasons. To level stakes, across various standard categories, my suspicion about the difficulty in performance in NH racing creating sustainable profit is confirmed No winning categories in T fsctor stats- the nearest to breakeaven being TH* …

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NH stats season end (enforced) 17/3/20

Top Rated Performance Top Rated 93/(218)/601 -63.15pt bf -116.5pt industry 0-9 33/166 +32.14pt 10-19 51/343 -42.74pt 20+ 1/20 -12.44pt – rating 8/72 -40.11pt bf natural progression 1/14 +0.1pt hurdle 48/330 -68.36pt (3y-o+ 14/77 +1.57pt 4y-o+ 6/65 -23.18pt) 3y-o irrelevent as of 1/1/20 Chase 45/271 +5.21pt Cl4+ +10-19 45/294 -34.1pt Cl2+ …

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NH Stats updated w/e 15/3/20

Top Rated Performance Top Rated 93/(218)/595 -57.15pt bf -110.5pt industry 0-9 33/164 +34.14pt 10-19 51/342 -41.74pt 20+ 1/20 -12.44pt – rating 8/69 -37.11pt bf natural progression 1/14 +0.1pt hurdle 48/326 -64.36pt (3y-o+ 14/77 +1.57pt 4y-o+ 6/65 -23.18pt) 3y-o irrelevent as of 1/1/20 Chase 45/269 +7.21pt Cl4+ +10-19 45/293 -33.1pt Cl2+ …

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