Monday , May 20 2019
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A superb week of betting!

It has been a strange start to the season, us losing most of the first week because of bad weather. It meant I approached this week with a little caution but I need not have done as the figures have been superb and York, in particular, was very kind to …

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York Scribblings 15/05/19

Thought I’d look at the meeting from a mini profiling stance and have come up with the following. Scribblings will be free to access as I just do this kind of thing for fun, whilst having a coffee. If I find time to do the same tomorrow, I’ll get it …

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The Final PICK5 of the Season!

Come on, it’s the last day of the season and we have five games up that you simply need to predict will be a home, away or draw. I’ve got a nice prize up If someone correctly predicts the five results, that bet is yours. If nobody gets it, then …

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Review of Saturday 04/05/19

That seemed like a lot of work yesterday for little reward but I was not expecting much better on day one. In fact, I expected a loss so get out with a profit of any kind was superb. Fitness is still taken on trust at this point in the season …

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£6458.25 Profit in 131 days!

From a starting bank of £1000 the guys at Astech Gold, applying their Stake Management rules, have accumulated a profit of £6458.25 in just 131 days, and that does not take into account days lost for equine flu, meetings called off and days missed (such as Christmas Day). They reached …

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