Today’s Ratings

Today’s Ratings and Market Movers 30/05/19

The markets have livened up a little overnight but only for the afternoon meetings. Understandable, given it’s a few hours until the evening racing commences and the potential is there for ground to dry out….or get wetter! I’ll be watching out for movers during the day for the two evening …

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Today’s Ratings and Market Movers 29/05/19

No more meetings this week….I’m going to be here all day, every day, for the next five doing this and starting to get ready for Royal Ascot. I owe you two Newsletters which I’ll condense into one and have that with you tonight. The website requires a bit of dressing up, …

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Today’s Ratings and Market Movers 28/05/19

My flight home was delayed 45 minutes yesterday and it’s been a little bit of a rush getting everything done for this morning but, we have Rated races and Market Movers aplenty, below. It is awful racing today and what I’ve done is add text to those race I personally …

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Today’s Ratings and Market Movers 24/05/19

Another day of weird and wonderful early result yesterday, with jockey’s falling asleep in one particular race and I’m afraid it all meant a third consecutive losing day. Like I said to Karen over the cocoa though, we are still well up, we have still enjoyed more winning days than …

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Today’s Ratings and Market Movers 21/05/19

Had some lovely messages come through yesterday, from members that had covered their annual subscriptions in one afternoon of betting, and have promised to join the Clover Club. Kev, I’ll get those details regarding where to find Melbourne Cup packages over to you later today. It was what you’d describe …

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Today’s Ratings and Market Movers 20/05/19

Another superb afternoon of punting and we have now enjoyed seven successive winning days and just one losing day in the last nine. Given the volume of racing we have had to work with, I’m more than happy with those figures, especially as we have yet to reach the three …

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