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Today’s Ratings

Today’s Ratings and Market Movers 04/07/19

It has been a bit of a mad rush preparing today’s newsletter. Far to much racing again but hopefully this new way of working helps maintain the profitability. It was another extremely good day yesterday with more profit added to the bank. In the first three days of July AG …

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Today’s Ratings and Market Movers 03/07/19

So, it is true…..less is more! The screenshot yesterday most certainly proves that to be true! What I’m going to today is create an additional section below. This will contain rated races of 11 or more runners. The purpose of this is, it will enable you to see where Market …

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Today’s Ratings and Market Movers 01/07/19

This morning I will get to replying to those e-mails….humble apologies for not getting back sooner but it’s all been kicking off and we needed to get our heads around an issue. Before I go any further though, welcome to those new members that signed up yesterday! I will be …

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Today’s Ratings and Advice 30/06/19

I still owe those people that have e-mailed me a reply and that’s because yesterday afternoon was akin to performing an ongoing post mortem of the rated races. I did say in the morning Newsletter that I myself would be very picky about which rated races I myself played and …

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Today’s Ratings and Market Movers 28/06/19

I felt we got away with that a bit, yesterday. I’ve been pretty loathe to work with handicaps containing 3-y-o’s just yet as they are, most definitely, the fly in the ointment right now. They are quite simply impossible to rate accurately for obvious reasons and when I produce a …

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Today’s Ratings and Market Movers 27/06/19

It is really fascinating watching the markets during the day and yesterday I “knew”, at least two hours before a race, the name of the winner. Unfortunately, we had an overnight Market Mover in there that drifted, whilst POSITIVE was smashed off the boards, 4/1 > 13/8 and won by …

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Today’s Ratings and Market Movers 26/06/19

Very messy yesterday and horses I fancied to be the mainstay of our dutch plays yesterday were getting withdrawn left, right and centre. INFRASTRUCTURE, a Market Mover and the horse I fancied would give us a winner in the rated race at Newbury was pulled out, and the 3-y-o that …

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