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Carlisle Racing

Hi Ron

You have mentioned that Carlisle are going to cancel all steeplechases but allow hurdles to be raced.

Don't we are think that it would be unsafe for any type of race in which the ground is so bad to race on.

I regard speed into jumping the hurdles can be just has hazardous, and injury to horse and jockey could be worse.

I know revenue comes into keeping racing going but surely commonsense prevails when bad weather arrives.

Bookmakers have all other sports to offer the punter and we all know that punters who feel they need to bet everyday

will do so on any other sport what they see appropriate.


Steve B

One of the things that happens when they have ground as bad as it will be at Carlisle tomorrow, is that they will not race "at speed".

What will happen is, they will canter for the majority of the race, effectively hopping the hurdles and not being asked to "jump" off false ground.

You will see the entire field bunched until they take three from home and then those that can, will go slightly quicker and produce a result.

This is why you see so many maidens winning for the first time.

Trying to jump fences out of this ground produces a different kind of problem, in that they have to have the impetus to get over the obstacle and as the ground would effectively disappear from under their feet, they've taken those races out.

It is purely financial, Steve. Racecourses now get a fee per race broadcast, which is why you now see meetings with eight races. Remember the "good old days" of "six race" meetings?

I've three races to work on from that meeting tomorrow but I'll start my evening Newsletter with the words, "I'm not betting myself...."

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