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Dutch Betting/Staking!

I'm interested and after some advice on what type of bets other members tend to use for the rating provided by Ron. i.e. do you Dutch the top 3/4 to a target profit or do you apply a set stake per each Dutch? Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks you.

Hi Pete i,ve been trying to make a profit for 2 years using dutching , following the guidelines , but it is all down to how much you stake. Level staking you will lose, but to get the percentage stake correct is very hard. I even used Astech gold and still lost money, as they do not tell you how much to stake.

Thanks for the reply, but I was not expecting to read what you detailed, I really hope we are doing something wrong and some solid advice comes our way.

Lets see if other members are willing to share and communicate, I'm sure they are.

Best of luck, speak soon.

Astech Gold do tell you how much to stake. That's what it's for.

Also, there are plenty of dutching calculators out there.

Cheers Paul, I'm aware that there are plenty of staking calculators out there but what I'm trying to find out is what do members tend to do, dutch for a set profit or a stake and what seems to work best. Just some advice really mate.

I only started this month so can't really help sorry, but AG dutch with a total stake over the selections.




Thanks for your input mate, lets wait and see what other members advise, after all, it's about helping each other I hope.


Best of luck.

I will try and use an example of what i do. I use three and four selection dutches. I work to three levels £10,  £20 and £30  stakes.

In this example i am using level one £10 stakes. The odds are  7/1,  16/1 and 10/3.    I put £3 on the 7/1 shot,  £1.40 on the 16/1 shot and  £5.60 on the 10/3    . If i have the winner my returns are £24 and a profit of  £14 on the race.  I use a staking calculator and round up to the nearest 5p.  if it says put £2.98 on i round up to £3.  If it said £ 2.96 i would put £2.95 on and so on. I think if the bookmaker sees odd figures then they are more likely to close you down or restrict you.  They do not like dutching.

Today we have 28 market movers and 15 rated races.  The hardest part of today and yesterday is which of these do you use. I am sure Astech wil go for the lot and i am pretty sure they will make money. However, backing in all those races doesn't sit well with me (individual taste). I will leave the market movers alone today. I am struggling with them at the moment and might have a word with Ron about them ( i strongly recommend talking to Ron if you are struggling). I will return to them though. I find it difficult when we have two or three market movers in the same race and have left some out that have won. I also leave them out if the place part cannot pay for the win (20/80).  My advice today is play the early races, which there are twelve,  dutching as advised to minimum stakes.  I will give a few of the early races a swerve as i don't like the look of them( 5.25 Newb a no no). This is a dangerous ploy but its a decision i make and will take it on the chin if they produce a profit. Ron calls it his guts. Please keep going as i am sure a profit can be made long term. I have had a good week and yesterday i should have made more but i was happy with the bit i made and know long term my decisions are sitting well with what i am doing.


Thank you very much for your input, I will read it a few times so I can digest it properly and then apply. It's a shame we have had 57 vies of this post and only about 3 members comment, only time will tell how much members want to help each other.

Thanks once again for your input, take care and the best of luck today.

Hope to communicate again in the near future.


Interesting point of views by Gary Kelly regarding Stake Management, worth a read.

What a hectic, roller coaster day yesterday was.  I made some good decisions and some ordinary ones but came out of the day £40 in pocket. I will try and run through what i did. Its my own personal take and some will not like it but i am happy with what i am doing.Yesterday i played to £10 stakes on everything. This is level one for me (minimum stakes)

Here goes  2.15 b  dutch top 3 lost £10     2.50 b dutch top 3 lost £10    3.25 b dutch top 3 won £12    5.25 Nb  didnt like the dutch but as Breden Hill was a top rated market mover i did a 20/80 on him  won £30   4.25 Nm  dutch top 3 lost £10    5.35 Nm dutch top 3 won £14    2.45 T dutch top 4  lost £10 ( 2nd and 3rd in dutch)   3.20 T didn't like dutch , two other m.m's  so 20/80   Dubai Acclaim top rated mm. won £4    3.55 T  dutch top 3  lost £10     4.30 T  left race alone  .    At the end of my afternoon betting i was up a tenner.

I went into the evening racing  using same stakes.   6.50 Ut  Dutch top 3 won £20  7.05 D   dutch top 3 lost £10 ( 2nd 3rd and 4th)      7.20 Ut  dutch top 3 + bottom rated fav  won £4      7.50 Ut   Dutch top 3  won £16    8.05 D  figures looked wrong so left race alone.   I made another £30 on the night so happy with the day and more importantly the figures were very good which can only help confidence in the future. Ok i made some mistakes and i haven't looked at how the market movers performed.  It was a long day for me and i am sure people will think all that for only £40. Take it from me those jam today punters will never make money long term. This is a slow burner that suits my conservative style of betting.  If i was tired after that long day just imagine how Ron feels and he puts in a hundred times more effort than i do.  Long live Ron i say and hope his brilliant mind and ratings stays sharp well into the 21st century.  I finished off with a couple of pints of IPA in the micro pub four doors up and toasted Ron.


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