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Each Way Double

Each way Double  Day 21

B/f £195.92

A tiny profit yesterday with two winners, one in each bet, a 3rd and a 5th. The winning place bet paid £30.88.  I am busy tomorrow morning so will have to make do with the info and odds available tonight for Thursdays bets.   Still watching and waiting for Tim Easterby and Mark Johnson to have a good priced winner.

1.50 York I am tempted by the prices of the fav and second fav. Kevin Ryan went close with a couple today  Major Jumbo 2nd 8/1 and Armandihan 2nd 33/1 plus a 20/1 4th shows that the stable is in form so Tommy Taylor 9/1 must have a great chance but strangely its his first run over the minimum trip.  Cowboy Soldier 8/1 has a good trainer and jockey and a win last time out to his name but this was on the all weather and I am not convinced that he deserves to be favourite.  I will go with one of  Tim Easterby horses  Copper Knight has won over course and distance twice before but has been beaten by both Dark Shot and Saaheq.  Eeh Bah Gum won here in August and has had just the one run this season behind Saaheq and Copper Knight possibly to prepare him for this race but in front of Soldiers Minute who won by 3l today at 20/1.  I may have a little ew on Eeh Bah Gum but have to go with Tommy Taylor 9/1  for my EW double bet.

3.25 York Another wide open race  O'Meara has four in this and Tim Easterby has two. I also like the look of Whats the Story especially as  Dalgleish and Fanning pulled off a bit of a coup today with that Soldiers Minute.but I have to side with Mark Johnsons Love Dreams 10/1  as he was second here last year and has been second the last two runs following a couple of prep runs at Meydan

1.50 York  Tommy Taylor 9/1

3.25 York Love Dreams 10/1

£5ew double

For my 7/2 shots I have gone for

4.25 Sals  Warning Fire  Beaten fav last time out but that was a class 4 and he's back to 5 today

5.25 Sals Marshall Dan  The only half decent horse in the race. His 3rd in a class 4 at Newmarket last year looks good enough to warrant favouritism here.

£5ew double

Total Staked £20


Bugger. As you can probably tell by my ramblings I talked myself out of the winner despite me waiting for an Easterby horse. Grr.

Each way Double Day 22.

B/f  -£215.92

Right now all my bookies accounts are empty and I feel like giving up completely but I've been here before and know that this can turn around in a couple of days.  Yesterday I narrowed the races down to two or three horse but then chose the wrong one. Mark Johnson let me down twice yesterday and he usually does so well at York but perhaps that's just the August meeting. I don't know why they tried to ride Tommy Taylor from the rear as he needs to get away quickly and lead.  The others were a 7/2 winner an 8/1 4th and a Mark Johnson beaten fav.

I think that I may have found the reason for this long losing run.  Firstly I have been picking horses from the hardest races on the card.  I should stick to races with eight to twelve runners.  Normally I get the paper choose a race look at the horses trainers jockeys CD s etc and get a gut feeling for one.  Since I have been putting these up for other people to read I have been studying the form in the racing post looking for best times comparisons between horses etc. and anyone can do that and come up with a loser. My guts are rarely wrong. (:-)

No write up today as my guts can't write.

4.05 York Agincourt 8/1

4.35 York Good Luck Fox 12/1

£5ew double

3.20 Newb  Buckland Boy 7/2

4.25 Newb High Commander 7/2

£5 ew double

£20 staked


Each Way Double  Day 23

B/f  -£235.92

Bad luck again yesterday with an 8/1 winner from O'Meara Tudhope going on to the wrong Hannon horse.  I went with this one because he had Sylvestre De Sousa up  and he goes and wins with a 20/1 shot ridden by Clifford Lee.

High Commander got second but Buckland Boy got a terrible start and never got into the race 9th.

Today for my outsiders I have picked two horses that are the only ones in the races that have won over course and distance.

2.45 Thirsk Excessible  9/1

6.10 Thirsk Cosmic Chatter  7/1

For my favs I have gone for

3.20 Thirsk  Saisons D'or  he has won his last two races in good style and is up six pounds but looks to be improving. I am worried about Autretot (O' Meara) this has been running well over 1 mile but fading late on.  I think this 7 furlongs is what he needs and he seemed to cope with good to firm last time out after running most of his races in  soft and heavy.  I'll have a 20/80 on that one

4.30 Thirsk Lake Volta  4/1  One of Ron's to follow horses I think this is Mark Johnson's main target today.


Each Way Double Day 24

B/f -£240.62

Excessable was placed yesterday and we had a small return from the favourites 7/2 and 4/1  paid £15.30

Today I have spotted a couple that are both the only CD winners in there races and both are Market Movers for Ron.  What can go wrong??

4.20 Rip Gurkha Friend  5/1  I wouldn't normally select this as O'Meara has two in this race,  Tim Easterby and K Ryan have one each and Simon Crispford has sent one from Highclere in Berkshire..  Gurkha has been backed in from 12/1 + to 5/1  jojnt fav.

6.00 Ripon Dapper Man  11/2  Roger Fells stable is in good form at the moment. This one has also been backed in from 12/1 + to 11/2 and has dangers from Qaarrat and Tim Easterbys Afandem

£5 ew double

Todays favs are

2.35 Rip Ascot Dreamer 7/2

3.10 Ripon Fairy Fast 7/2

Points of interest

Mark Johnson has only one horse at Ripon in the 2.00 Misty Grey.  3rd last time out and 16/1 is available.  In the same race Tim Easterby has Mystic Knight which was beaten favourite last time out and is 50/1 today.



Each Way Double Day 25 (Maybe the last time I don’t know )

B/f - £241.62

Yesterday the main bet had a 4th and  refused to race and the favs bet gave a small return with a 5/1 winner and a second  at 9/2. Just a neck between £19 and £184.

Today’s bets are

5.15 Car Colour Contrast 4/1

7.00 Wind Goodnight Girl 11/2

two double letters so we are nailed on.

The favs are:

4.05 Red Blue DeVega 4/1

2.45 Car Uncle Charlie 6/1

£5 ew doubles

£20 staked




Each Way Double - Day 26  - £261.62

No luck yesterday. Colour contrast lost all chance at the start when he dwelt and swerved.  goodnight girl could only manage 3rd.  The other two were 4th and fifth.

Today looks promising but apart from one, the prices are only average.  I picked a few 8/1 + chances from the morning paper only to find they have been backed in to around 7/2 or even made favourite.

I will do three bets today and if we get nothing then I will suspend this post until I get my Mojo back.

Wolv 4.00 Balota Bay 20/1

Hex 7.50  Kitty Fisher 7/1

£5ew double

Not 5.25 Staycation 9/2

Hex 5.50 Sleep in First 11/2

£5ew double

Wolv 2.20 Hard Solution 7/2

Bri 3.25 Prairie Spy 7/2

£5 ew double

£30 staked



Not a double, but perhaps a significant market mover or betfair not pricing this horse up correctly?

western duke 7:55 kempton was 66/1 with betfair while SkyBet and bet365 had it at 20/1 I believe this is a good horse with a good jockey booking in Richard Kingscote and could well out run that price of 66/1 I have had a few ££ on this.

since writing I’ve noted betfair have cut the odds to 20/1, an interesting one I think.

I agree. On a line through Koeman in May last year he should have the beating of that one being a stone better off for Half a length and Koeman is 11/2 today.  It could be that Keenan has improved or Western Duke has gone backwards but on paper he has at least an equal chance.  I’ve had a little  bit ew at 33/1.

Each Way Double Final Day? -£291.62

terrible day yesterday with David O’Meara and Mark Johnson both having beaten favourites. Prairie Sky was last.

We managed one placed horse in both the other two doubles. Today will take us over the £300 loss mark and although we could get this back with a single double I will pack it in for a while if we don’t get anything today.

2.30 Ayr Mr Shelby 6/1

3.55 War Leapaway 7/1

£5 ew Double

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