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I'll be first up!


Morning all


I am Vince 39 from Beverley now living in Hessle with my beautiful wife Jackie moved there Feb 2018 and got married on cocoa beach in Florida whilst on holiday at disney. Had an amazing time and to be married on the beach in 46 degree heat looking out over the atlantic ocean was just special.

I am a flat man through and through nothing beats a horse flying at 40mph+ it gives me such a rush.

I love York racecourse it really is the Ascot of the north and also make regular visits to my local track at the westwood

Cat or Dog : dog all day long

bath or shower: shower

Fave food : fillet steak

Football team : Liverpool

Flat or NH : Flat

Sweet or savoury : Sweet

Favourite film : Pulp fiction and Menace to Society

Favourite band/artist : Tupac Shakur

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nothing like a pic of a golden beach with the sun blazing down, and a deep blue sea, on a cold wet January morning, lol.

I’m not sure if I should have replied or set up a new topic but here goes.

my name is Geoff Straw Burnage in Chesterfield 1948 and have been gambling since the age of 11 when I first noticed that the second horse named in the list below a race in The Daily Herald often won. I soon discovered that this list was the SP and the horse was second favourite.  By the age of 14 I was a school librarian with lots of time to study form and send my bet, with a first year on his bike,to Norman Kilroy Turf Accountant. (Illegal). The betting shop was Norman’s front room and the counter was the serving hatch from the kitchen.

Since then I have followed, devised and forgotten thousands of systems and probably lost hundreds of thousands of pounds over the last sixty years.   I was a regular Cheltenham goer for 30 years but all those I went with have now passed away.  I did take the wife one year but it wasn’t  the same.  Also it is now so crowded and full of drunks (especially in the members area) it is no longer a pleasant experience.

Dog or cat: Dog

Fav Food :Fillet Steak rare

band /artist: steely dan, Rolling Stones, Kirsty McCall, David Bowie.

Football team: The Spireites

Film: Anything with John Wayne or Charles Bronson.


Geoff, I agree wholeheartedly. Was a regular myself at Cheltenham and last year was the first year I didn't go, since the late 90's. Always kicking off in the Guiness tent so we migrated to the Dawn Run/Desert Orchid bar, however, to get a pint there was a minor miracle, it's always that packed. If its cold like it was a few years back or pouring down, then its like being on a packed train at rush hour!! Far too crowded for my liking, although still the worst for that in may opinion was the County Stand at Aintree, blimey a bloke could die of thirst there.


I'm Ed born in Newcastle on 22nd January 1964. I have however been living down South in Manchester for about the last 20 years. While I did my degree in PPE at LSE I've worked in IT for most of my life.

My first bet was probably being allowed to have 50p each way on Red Rum and Crisp in that National! I love flat handicaps... Jupiter Island was a horse I loved but love jumps probably more nowadays.

Like to relax by playing guitar... I bought a new acoustic-electric in July courtesy of winnings

Dog or cat: dog - although I have neither

Fave food: Chateaubriand medium rare

Band / artist : anything but the heaviest metal. Lindisfarne, Bowie, santana, The Eagles, Cliffy Biro, Ella Fitzgerald, Crowded House Yup weird...

Football team : The Toon

Film: Deer hunter, Taxi Driver Midnight Express

Im Terry from Salford 44 years old and been betting firstly on football then the horses since I was around 18.Not sure what triggered the move to horses to be honest,but growing up I always remember my Dad with his little odds book screaming at the telly on a Saturday afternoon and being allowed a 20p e/w bet on the  National.

Tried all sorts of systems betting bots etc but always ended up losing my bank them bots have no emotion!!!

Love the cricket played darts for years decent but not great

Cat or Dog Dog

Fav Food Chinese

Band Oasis Elbow

Football Team Man Utd

Film Green Mile as good as it gets Goodfellas



after being a quiet reader for some time already I think it's only fair to lift the curtain (a little bit) at least.

Please bear with me as my English will be nothing near perfect. I'm German, will become 60 this year and I'm a horse racing fan since I went to a racecourse first time in my life in 1983. That was in the beautiful town of Dresden where I was a student at the local Technical University. That may tell you that I was born behind the Iron Curtain in the former GDR. Now I live in Rostock on the Baltic Sea. The nearest racecourse is the oldest in Europe outside the UK. Did anyone of you ever have heard of Bad Doberan/Heiligendamm? They introduced racing in 1822 already. Through the time of the communistic regime there was no racing at all, but after the fall of the wall it was reintroduced at the beginning 0f the 90er years with a lot of help from the Hamburg Racing Club( known as the German Derby organizer, eventually?).

In general the German racing seems to be very poor today. We have (had) a lot of good horses, but today they will sold for big money rather than running in Germany. The race prices are going down more and more and if you attend a racecourse as a "normal visitor" you come under suspicion to be a gambler/punter/"Zocker". The government are to stupif to differentiate a betting exchange from a bookmaker and the laws in Germany are now so that all major bookmaker firms and all exchanges have stopped the offers for horse betting in Germany years ago already.

I'm no longer interested in German racing anymore, but betting on UK/IRE/FRA is very complicated for me. No BOG in generally and only a very small choice of German registered bookies which have to grab 5% tax on all stakes by law.

Most of my betting today takes place on an UK based VPS using the Betfair account of an old UK resident. I'm not sure if he is still alive. The last time I heard from him was 3 years ago as his wife had passed away...

I'm a subscriber to Rons work for some time already and found that his rating is really superb.

My goal will be to get something out of my bets to raise my income after quitting my job to become a pensioner in some years.

Still hope that some more people will come in to share their thoughts, but I'm in doubt if that will ever happen.

  • Cat or dog? Cat
  • Bath or shower? Shower
  • Favourite food? Low carb, high fat
  • Football team? Liverpool
  • Flat or NH? Not sure yet
  • Sweet or savoury? Savoury
  • Favourite film? Once upon a time in the west
  • Favourite band? Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Genesis, Yes, Mike Oldfield, Foreigner, Eagles, Neil Young....

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