Thursday , June 20 2019
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Jockey's Choices

Today I was looking for potential Mark Johnson winners at York and noticed that Joe fanning hadn't got a ride there.  I thought this was strange so looked at Newbury and Newmarket expecting to see him riding a Johnson hotpot but no.  He's gone to Hamilton.  Why??  One reason is he more a northern jockey and has good rides at Thirsk tomorrow.  he has a couple of obvious chances at Hamilton and he surely has not missed riding at York Newmarket or Newbury for nothing. Perhaps one of his bigger priced rides has a good chance and he did not want to miss that.  His rides are:

I am tempted to put the others using Fire Fighting in the 7.30 in ew doubles and trebles  with a small ew acc as well.

On the same vein look at the top jockeys who have gone for rides and Newbury and Newmarket in preference to York. The notable ones are  Jamie Spencer Adam Kirby and Jim Crowley atNewbury. Ones to watch are 1.35 Red Armada, .10 Habub, 2.45 light Angel, 3.20 Encrypted20/80, 3.55 Immoral 20/80, 4.25 Dubai tradition, with a 20/80 on Military Move was  10/1 now 7/1.   4.55 Prejudice with 20/80 on BallyLemon,

In the 5.30 I really fancy High Acclaim mainly because of the jockey Cieren Fallon sounds like a good jockey and looking at his record he is.  103 rides  52 of those he was placed in the first four and he won 15 and was 2nd 18 times.

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