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Starting Out

I know Post Racing will have a lot of new members for the start of the flat season and after yesterday i am sure some are thinking, 'whats all the fuss about'. I am an OAP who has been punting close to fifty years. I have joined many services, left early and not really made much money. I have been a member before of Post Racing and felt it wasn't for me as they always seemed excuses and to be honest i lost money.

This time around i was determined to give it a good go. I looked at everything Ron was doing, sent many e/mails which he always responded to and he also advised me to talk to Andy of Astech.  I had near an hour conversation with Andy and it helped no end. I didn't join his service and certainly do not back to his levels but it got me on the right road.

My problem was i couldn't take the losing runs (they will be many losing days). I now take them on the chin and have every faith in the ratings that over a long period i will make a profit. I now listen to what Ron has to say and if he says its doubtful a profit can be made or there is too  many unknowns i leave the race alone. Sometimes the winner has been in the top three rated but again i do not beat myself up about missing a winner.  The ratings are second to none and after a time i also have a feel if they are on the button.

I still struggle a bit with the market movers but do include them in the rated races. I back some 20/80 as advised but the place part has to pay for the win . Please use the extra place on Betfair as they makes a massive difference and it is advised by Astech. The best advise is to read the staking  management and also have a chat with one of them. They are very willing to help.

My last bit of advice is to stick at it, look at long term and gradually build up your bets. You have to have confidence in the selection process and i can assure anybody these ratings are the beast there are. Ron is always looking to evolve the service so enjoy the ride.  I have to say i am not a family friend and i am not getting paid for this. I have had many disagreements with Ron but the knowledge i have gained from him far outweighs anything else.


Thanks for taking the time to post that up, Ian.

I think what a lot of punters do not see initially is that taking a little profit from a race is every bit as important as those 20/1 winners we'll find during a season, that add a lot to the pot. It is all relevant.

If we sometime need to punt four in a race to make it pay, even if it only a couple of £'s added to the pot, then we do it. Those pennies all eventually add up to pounds. You are absolutely spot on to advise taking that fourth place if it is offered and returns a profit.

Playing the Market Movers in the Rated races is also proving vital. Even yesterday, when I didn't bet, the money for the winner of my only rated race at Chester was spot on, even if it drift back out to 8/1. It was out of my top six, would not have otherwise been considered and we'd have lost money at this time last year.

That feeling you have, when you now look at a rated race and can make a decision as to whether to play or not....that's something I tuned in to a long time ago....I now refer to it as my guts talking!

I spotted one only last week I knew would win, KRIPKE. A maiden on turf but the "guts" were telling me that horse had been primed for that day....and the Market Moved for it, too.

If anyone needs me to clarify anything, or if they need help with dutching, my terminology, or as you say, need to speak to the guys at AG, just ask.

Everyone reading this should know 100% they have a lot of people looking to make sure they succeed at making a profit from this game.



Hi Ian,

I too have been a bit in and out with Ron's work, but it probably came too early for me. I like to think I'm a little wiser these days so am back working with Ron's figures along with the Astech Gold software. Early days, but like you, I think I'm already leaning away from the Market Movers (unless included in a dutch by AG), as I find many too short, and if they drift back out which many do, then you've kind of lost your reason to back them after your bet has been placed. I agree that a place should at least pay for the win stake, but I also prefer a win to pay for a loser, and when backing at short odds, you rarely get that.

I'm happy enough to bowl along with AG's recommended dutch bets, and perhaps continue with the 'Of Interests', and see where we are come September.

Good Luck.

Hi Dan

Those Market Movers that drift again....never drop them because they do that. I was speaking to Andy about that and they'll tell you, they are performing extremely well. Take that one yesterday at Chester. I'd seen the money for it the evening before racing and it had been backed from 6/1 > 4/1. It won at 8/1.

To quote Andy, "we love them!".

The Market Movers are new to what I'm doing. I only introduced them early this year for the NH season and this will be the first flat season I have applied them. Far too early to know whether they are a positive, a negative, or do simply nothing for us and we'll only have a handle on that come season end.

They certainly helped with the profit making between January and the end of March.

Couple of brief points, and again it depends on people's individual circumstances re betfair or bookies and restrictions/BOG removal


With MM, if you have been impacted by account closures/restrictions (often brutal) or BOG removal, then the drifters will hurt probably, as all you can do is set a price in the hope that it drifts out and then that you get matched or settle at BFSP, or take the industry price in the hope that it doesn't drift given your restriction.

Again, with the extra betfair place, the glaring downside is that there is no settlement to an SP, you can only request a price and hope it gets matched or take the one available to you at the time


As for of interest, with the best will in the world, I'm not sure that should be a major focus. I always record these to betfair SP as win only and to advised 20/80 etc to the places appropriate to the number of runners. Anyone checking historic seasonal performances may want to treat with caution

Very good advice from Gary. A couple of bookmakers have restricted me. Not sure why, because i was hardly making anything with them.  Bet 365 have restricted me to 40p max and no bog. Boylesports have said they don't want my bets as they are not bets they like !.

If ever you should have taken Ron's advice, this week was it. A  track that was originally for chariots and an ever changing going makes betting a lottery.  I have binned Ron's figures when the going changes  before racing and also when several non runners are declared. Another time to bin them is when the race goes to five runners. I realise i have an advantage because i don't leave for work. However, i think if you have any doubt about weather etc, leave alone.  My motto is if you cannot win, don't give the bookies easy money. That usually means wait for another day.

I don't want to state the obvious,but here goes.  I hope people have heeded Ron's advice this week and not had a bean on at Chester. It's patience which will get the bank account going in the right direction.

This is what Ron had to say about Cabaret Queens race. 'All markets suggest my figures for that race are correct and barring accidents, i expect the winner to be in my top three'. That to me was the green light to have my first bet of the week and i dutched the top three. Ok i won only £12 but it never really looked in danger to collect even after Cabaret Queen fell.  People might scoff at putting £20 to win £12 but these bits add up as Ron said.

Tonight's racing which Ron has put up figures for has a very different feel to it and i will be treading very carefully if at all.  These are decisions you have to make but err on the cautious side as advised by AG in their advice. Most bets are what i call level one and the odd one level two( i bet at level 2 stakes on the 2.10 M.R today). Very rare would i go beyond level two and for me that would only be on N.H races and even then very rarely. I am away for the weekend so will have no bets until Monday. Will i kick myself if i miss a glorious day. Not a prayer because the weather is getting better and the level playing field Ron's figures require is just around the corner. So it looks like £12 profit for me on the week. Some will say that hardly pays for the membership. Aye but its only one week out of 52.

I've decided for now that the Market Movers will remain in the Dutch's, and I have also been dutching the multiple market movers in non rated races, which proved very profitable yesterday.

I can already see some good results today, so won't be so quick to dismiss them completely.

After two really good days, i am not getting the same feeling today.  Top rated Rakes Progress a non runner and also another non runner in that race (6.55N).  Bottom rated fav a non runner in 3.45 makes it a seven runner race. The figures at York are a bit at odds with the market,although Eeh Bah Gum has come in for strong support.  I am not a massive fan of the flat,with draw bias, young improvers, selective watering etc, etc and at york, massive field handicaps make life even harder.  I have dutched top 3/4  and played some market movers 20/80 but my advice  today would be play to minimum stakes.

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