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The Second Tracker

Before I give you the name of this one, I mentioned I'd provide the name of a horse that has not seen the light of day yet, as far as racing is concerned.


People do not pay £3.5m for a horse and press the buttons when they are not ready to be pressed. 

His relations (brother and sisters), include TOO DARN HOT, LAH TI DAR and SO MI DAR, with all of them trained by John Gosden so, he's clued up on the family.

If you ever fancy living on "the edge", watch the sales and look at the pedigrees of those selling for the cost of a small private island. Interesting stuff, I promise you!

The Easterby horse I mentioned yesterday cost not anything like that amount but, still a lot more than I've got to spend on the ones I get you involved in (at the moment!). 


This was the sales value:

She was purchased by David Armstrong and placed with Tim Easterby.

Not one of his superstars but the fact he has kept her indicates she'll be up to winning handicaps this summer.

She ran the required three races to get her mark:

Three quick runs in the space of four weeks, mission accomplished, job done....put her away.

The market knew what was happening each and every time she ran and her SP indicated that.

What they need for this daughter of KODIAC is good to firm ground and, a trip of six or seven furlongs. 

Let's see what happens when she gets both.

Already in my tracker!

Hi Ron

What do we do with last years tracker horses?  is it worth keeping an eye on them or were they purely early season horses?  I am currently working on a replacement basis so as you send one out I delete one and replace it.    I have still not received any confirmation of my Clover Club membership.  Should I have received anything?




Hi Geoff

Just seen this! Always best e-mailing me regarding membership info because I'll often forget to subscribe to a topic.

You should have received confirmation by e-mail that you are a Clover Club member.

I'll ask Stacey to e-mail you regarding this.

Personally I delete all old tracker horses and replace them as we go.

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