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"... with full testing and safety precautions ..."


Hi Charles,

I'm not sure why you can not load that video. Maybe there is a restriction for Germany only?

To answer your questions I can say the following.

In Germany there is a government owned authority named Robert-Koch-Institute(RKI) and the chief  virologist of the Charite Clinic in Berlin Prof Drosten. Both were already totally wrong in the swine flu pandemic some years ago. They told the government that swine flu is very dangerous and Germany bought useless vaccines for 30 million Euros which have never been used and had to been destroyed for some more millions of Euros.

And there were other virlogists in Germany which knew that the swine flu was not dangerous. And these virologists told us in March already that the actual virus will be not much more dangerous than normal flu. The R number in Germany was below 1 already before the total lockdown. ATM we have roundabout 10000 infected people in the whole country, but we shall still wear these useless masks. The children are out of school since month and the mid-sized sector of the economy is nearly destroyed. The older people are lonesome at their own homes or in the retirement homes as the children and grandchildren are banned to meet them. The public media are generating angst with populating false numbers and keeping secret the opinion of all other proven experts. At the same time they slander these experts as spinners/crackpots or conspiracy theorists and extreme right-wings. The only published opinion is that one of RKI and Drosten. Nothing else is officially published. Our Minister of Health is a banker and got this position only for being in the same party as Merkel. The German healthcare would have been able to manage this "little corona flu" without the lockdown for sure. And I could tell you so much more...but it's not so simple as my English isn't good enough and maybe it's the wrong place here...

For the opposition these false Corona management is only the trigger. There is much more that is wrong in this country. There are thousands of people on the streets and places already daily, but when the angry people then see such videos and only hear that false numbers in public media they all agree with Merkel and the chance to change this country will not be used.

(OK, I have found the reason for the missing video. It simply is not available anymore. It must have been deleted following instructions from German government.  As it was uploaded on a place outside youtube already which normally is not under access for the powers that be. That makes me angst.)

Morning Gerald,

I have no doubt the "figures" around the world are manipulated downwards. The reported figures are already tragic and the loss suffered horrific.

Hopefully in the UK an enquiry will be underway at a suitable time to see where this government erred - I say this with some trepidation considering how its been handled so far. You will probably see any enquiry as a pointless exercise, or maybe just a PR exercise, to assuage public anger - I can't totally disagree with that viewpoint.

To attempt to address all your points would open up the proverbial "can of worms" Gerald and I'd rather not go down that line, suffice to say I do believe that all is not what it seems and the political machinations almost everywhere are such to keep the "people" under control; the 1% against the 99%.

Thank you for your viewpoint and insight into the German economy/political landscape Gerald.

PS I wish my German was as good as your English.

Take care.



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