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The Clover Club

When I first started working on this project in 2004, I had a head full of ideas and was working my way through them when in 2013 I was admitted to hospital in a serious condition. Fortunately for me the amazing doctors and staff at Clatterbridge Hospital in the Wirral pulled me through. Not surprisingly after that, my family had a lot to say about the amount of time I was working on Post Racing and the additional time I would be spending on my vision. This caused me to sit back a bit, take stock and look at what I could do once I got back to my desk. I accepted I did far too much, hardly ever took time off and consequently it had taken its toll. I decided to go back to basics last year and the results speak for themselves. Now, however, I am looking at how I can take the vision forward starting in October 2020 without it putting me back into hospital!
I believe that by working in a different way, the Post Racing 2020 Vision is achievable and that once you read the rest of this document, you will agree and help to make it happen.

Primary Aim

My aim, as always, is to make sure we all feel part of the Post Racing community and back enough winners each year to cover the subscription fees and produce a profit that will ensure the longevity of the community year after year.
The Post Racing 2020 Vision is based on bringing together the equivalent of potentially 1000 members, who will make a one off payment of £1000 each to cover Post Racing membership for four years starting in October 2020.
Using the information, ratings and profiling I provide together with the Statistical Data Gary has put together and the Money Management Programme developed by Astech Gold, it has been demonstrated that it is more than possible to cover the cost of the four-year subscription fee in one season alone. In the year August 2017-2018 enough profit was produced from a bank of £1k to purchase 21 shares. The number of subscribers will determine to what degree the Post Racing aims and objectives can be achieved, but those that do subscribe can be assured of having a brilliant journey over the four years.

The New Package

The cost for each share for the new four year subscription package as previously stated will be £1,000 and there is no limit to the number of shares you may purchase.
As the money will be used in many circumstances to set up a number of Post Racing’s key aims and objectives when October 2020 is reached, it will not be possible to spread payments over time, after this date.
However, when you compare what other organisations offer for the money they charge, I believe you will agree that what Post Racing is offering is terrific value for money. Once you have paid for one of these shares there is no more to pay for the next 4 years.
So to put that into context, if you saved just £1.50 per day from December 1st 2018, you would have that £1,000 saved by October 2020.
The Post Racing 2020 Vision package is equal to a cost of just under 69p per day across the four years of membership, from October 2020 to October 2024, and I am convinced you will not find anything else to match this simply amazing deal anywhere else.
Neither will you be asked for any further subscription payments to cover anything else we do during those four years.
The Primary Aim target to have the 1000 shares sold before October 2020 would provide an investment of £1 million pounds to kick start Post Racing’s aims and objectives.

Post Racing’s Clover Club

…….and I am sure that those who sign up for the Post Racing Vision will be in clover!
I enjoy everything about Post Racing. My members, other people I meet, the charity work and of course trying to make money from my love of horse racing.
I hope that is what comes across to you and I appreciate those people who have already put faith in what I do and subscribed to this. I love everything associated with Post Racing and hopefully on many occasions bring good luck to all those associated with it.
Four words in that paragraph stand out to me: Hope, Faith, Love and Luck.
If you Google the meaning of the number 4, you will find a section on the four leaf clover and symbolically each of the leaves represents one of those words.
Post Racing’s Clover Club will symbolise everything about Post Racing’s 2020 Vision.
So when you sign up for the 4 year package you will become a member of the Post Racing Clover Club. Certificate and Badge included!

Charitable Donations

As is the current situation, 10% of all subscriptions will be put aside to be used for good causes. We will continue to support racing charities and other amazing projects such as the Sensory Garden at Clatterbridge Hospital’s Stroke Rehabilitation Unit.
The creation of that Sensory Garden in particular was an incredible achievement, thanks to Post Racing subscribers.
Can you imagine what else we could do with £1,000,000 spread across four years?
We will be able to invite representatives from a number of racing charities that we have previously supported to a racecourse once a year for a day out. This will also enable us to provide an opportunity for some of our members to present a cheque to each of them.
Can you imagine the good this will do for these charities and how you will feel making the presentation on Post racing’s behalf?

Racehorse Syndication

Highclere offers us many opportunities to be involved in syndicates which we currently cannot accept because the money is simply not available.
That would change. Each racehorse syndicate Highclere operates lasts for four years hence the new package lasting the same length of time.
The plan is to get Post Racing involved in a minimum of four of those syndicates, providing subscribers opportunities to go Saturday racing with the best trainers at some of the top United Kingdom tracks and to also travel to meetings abroad.
Highclere are investing heavily in racing in Australia so let’s go with them!
The annual costs that come with those syndicates would be absorbed by the monies raised, with no additional costs to you.
Those syndicate shares will belong to Post Racing subscribers as will any prize money won.
At the end of the four-year period any monies returned from Highclere will be divided equally between the number of £1000 Post Racing shares invested in this project.
When you think they’ve had a Derby winner, who knows what might happen once we get
We have already had members in attendance in the Royal Box at Newbury, been invited to attend their parade of yearlings and been well catered for into the bargain.
Other syndicate opportunities will also be considered and we will look to support smaller trainers in that regard.

Racehorse Ownership

As well as racehorse syndication, our aim will be to have horses racing in Post Racing’s colours once again.
They will be lower class horses as we will not be attempting to play on the same pitch as Highclere!
We also want to have at least one horse that we can loan to Bob Champion, who rode Aldaniti to win the 1981 Grand National, and donate any prize money won to the racing charities that we support.
If we achieve that, members will have the opportunity to be taken to the Grand National meeting on Legends Day…..Grand National Saturday.

Fantasy Horseracing

This has been my “baby” for many years and a game was created a few years ago that was superb. Many people, worldwide, joined in but because of the expense of upgrading the website and the necessary coding to bring it up to date, I put it on the backburner.
Connect, the company I approached about five years ago, were tasked with creating the new game and website and produced a mock up that was simply outstanding. Their work does not come cheap but it is the best.
The total cost of developing the specification and producing the game and site itself would have cost in the order of £65k. I said I’d get back to them….they are still waiting.
It would have already been done and dusted but for my enforced period out of the game whilst in hospital during which I lost a third of my membership.
The aim will be to meet with the heads of the IJF, Greatwood, Racing Welfare and the Bob Champion Cancer Trust, to discuss Post Racing having standalone games created for them, for which they would obtain sponsored prizes.
We will run those games for them free of charge and in addition for those involved, play for some amazing prizes.

About Fantasy Horseracing

Fantasy Horseracing is a cross between Fantasy Football and the old Ten to Follow, but with a million whistles and bells.
A player begins with a budget of £20m and selects a stable of 15 horses with varying values.
They will have a maximum of 10 on track, with five remaining in their stables and when their selections race in “real life” they will need to make sure they are placed on the “track”.

If they win or place they are awarded points and accumulate the prize money won by those horses in real life.
This prize money is added to the player’s “banks” and provides them with an opportunity to “horse trade”.
When new horses come along they will be introduced into the game and given a value.
The game will be played seven days a week and a “Weekend only” game option will be introduced so that those unable to play during the whole week will have an opportunity to play the game at the weekend.
Including testing, post Racing’s Fantasy Horseracing will take about a year to build. The game will be 100% free to play and potentially we will have many 000’s from around the globe playing it.
This will be more than a game though and incorporated into the website will be access to a stats database that may provide you with answers to questions that might well prove valuable when it comes to finding winners of horse races.
Racing Charities will be able to create their own game inside our game and promote it to their existing supporters and potentially new Post Racing members.

Football Tips

Tony provides our football tips together with a very good explanation as to why he is recommending particular bets.
His football knowledge and expertise will ensure that we can get some very profitable outcomes from his advice.

Competitions and Prizes

It has always been important to me, to give most of what comes in from my subscribers, back to my subscribers and we have, over the years, provided some absolutely fantastic prizes.
The best, for sure, being a year’s membership of the Harry Fry Racing Club, that saw Peter, one of our Scottish basedmembers, become part owner of a Cheltenham Festival winner in UNOWHATIMEANHARRY.
Post Racing has enabled Members to travel to Paris, for the Arc meeting with all expenses paid, provided all the prizes for the raffle conducted to get the Sensory Garden built and so much more over the years.
It’s what makes Post Racing different. Just wait until you see what the prizes will be once we move into 2020.It’s what dreams are made of!


One thing I have promised my wife Karen is that I’ll not try to do everything myself. I will most certainly be looking for people to work on Fantasy Horse Racing.
It is anticipated that due to the complexity of the build and the level of input and support required, Connect will be contracted to maintain, upgrade and host the Fantasy Horse Racing game.
I will also have someone on board that can take care of any in-house IT issues.
I will also be looking to introduce contributors to the website. Their contributions may not essentially be about tipping but simply interesting things for us to read.

My Job

Same as it’s always been. To ensure that you continue enjoying being involved with Post Racing and to do my utmost to make sure you get the best information daily that will enable you to cover your subscription fees, and more.

Subscription Packages

From October this year (2018), I will be introducing the following subscription fee levels:


From October 2019 those fees will still apply but in addition, you will have the option to join the 4 year package deal for a once off subscription fee of £1000 with nothing else to pay for the period October 2020 to October 2024.

Post Racing 2020 Vision Subscription Options

My primary aim at the moment is to try and help anyone interested in the Post Racing 2020 Vision to be able to get involved.
It is also in our interests to get as many of our current and past Post Racing members on board and with that in mind there are a number of options that hopefully will help.
These are mainly covered in the following question and answer section.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What are the Payment Options?
A) A bank account will be set up enabling either fixed or irregular payments to be made. You can either set up a fixed standing order of £48.00 per month and with 22 months to go before we launch, you will have accumulated £1000.20 in your account by October 2020.
Alternatively you can make random payments as and when you are able. You can of course make a full payment of £1000 at any time prior to October 2020.
Note: If you are a currently subscribed member these payments will be in addition to those you currently make for your Post Racing membership. However, if you do purchase a share, you will then have nothing more to pay from October 2020 until October 2024.

Q) What happens if I haven’t got £1000 in my account by October 2020?
A) You will receive a request for the remaining amount. However, if you are unable to pay the difference, you can either request that the monies paid in are used to cover your Post Racing Subscribed Membership for the period the amount paid in will cover.

Q) How many Shares can I buy?
A) As many as you wish!

I myself have already purchased seven and will most certainly be taking more….I’m in this as much as anyone!

Q) What happens at the end of the four years?
A) Any syndicated horses owned by the Post Racing Clover Club will be sold. All prize money won and dividends from the sale of those horses will be added together and divided by the total number of Post Racing’s Clover Club shares.
If we were lucky enough to have purchased a Derby Winner (let’s keep that dream alive), then we could be looking at prize money close to £1million pounds.

Q) I currently subscribe but do not wish to take up the new package.
A) Not a problem. Simply retain your current membership package. You will, if you choose, be able to have your own league within the Fantasy Horse Racing Game to play for some outstanding prizes and continue to receive exactly what you receive now by way of information and advice on punting.
By October 2020 we need 1000 Post Racing Clover Club shares sold and with your help, it will be accomplished. By working together we can make all the above happen. I have already started the wheels moving on this.

Are you up for it?

If you require any further information or explanation, please do not hesitate to contact me.



The Post Racing banking details are:

SORT CODE: 09-01-29

Please send cheques made out to Post Racing to:

CH45 9JW

Please include you e-mail address for confirmation of receipt.

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